Mobile loyalty program increases the number of identified purchases

Mobile loyalty program and retail

Intellipocket’s mobile loyalty card and application are an excellent way for retailers to enhance customer satisfaction, improve the shopping experience, and gather valuable data on customer purchasing behavior. Mobile phones provide customers with an easy way to utilize their identification information whenever they make purchases. When customers don’t forget their cards at home, the number of identified purchases increases, as well as customer satisfaction. Intellipocket’s brand card works with Google and Apple Wallets and supports contactless NFC as well as multiple barcode formats, making authentication fast and easy. Authentication is more secure than in cardless programs, and personal information is not leaked to external parties. Intellipocket’s system can be integrated into the brand’s loyalty program or utilize Intellipocket’s ready-made program platform. Intellipocket’s brand card and app are also environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternatives to the brand’s physical loyalty cards. This saves costs and promotes sustainable development.

Select, market, train, and reward – this is how you create a successful loyalty program using Intellipocket’s program platform

Choose an alternative platform: select Intellipocket’s card platform, either a simple branded card for Google and Apple Wallet or a custom branded application to replace the old identifier.

Integrate the systems: replace the distribution of the old identifier by connecting card or application orders to Intellipocket’s API.

Market the program: communicate the benefits to customers and guide them to order the new card during customer interactions, through social media channels, and on your website.

Train your staff: provide training to your staff on how to recommend and use the brand’s card or application.

Track progress: Monitor the growth of the customer database and the utilization of benefits. Modify the program according to the needs and preferences of customers.

Reward customers: Generate additional sales by marketing relationship-enhancing benefits to loyal customers.

Maintain the program: Update the benefits periodically to keep the loyalty program engaging and interesting for customers.

Intellipocket’s loyalty platform for retail brands


Loyalty card and app for loyalty program

  • Branded card – Google and Apple Wallet
  • Branded app – Single-standard web app
  • Branded app – Google Play and Apple App Store
  • Online tool for managing the content of the branded application
  • Online form for recruiting loyalty program members
  • API for delivering cards and apps from the brand’s system
  • Application platform protected by international patents

Customer loyalty database

  • Customer registry owned by the brand
  • Customer data owned by the brand
  • Online tool for managing the database
  • Online tool for segmentation of program data
  • Graphical view and Excel reports
  • API for transferring customer data to the brand’s system
  • Storage of customer information as an Excel file

Digital marketing for loyalty program customers

  • Bonus program
  • Stamp card
  • Purchase tracking
  • Season pass and subscription program
  • Online tool for customer interactions
  • API for integrating programs with marketing automation system
  • Discount and promotional coupons
  • Online tool for marketing messages
  • Customer surveys in the branded application

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