Mobile loyalty program improves customer retention for restaurants

Mobile loyalty program and restaurants

The restaurant industry is highly competitive, and restaurants constantly need to find ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors. A mobile loyalty program provides an excellent solution to this by offering a platform for customized benefits and offers to customers. Automated programs such as stamp cards, bonus or point accumulation, or visit tracking help restaurants build a database of their own customers and their behavior, thereby fostering loyalty. With the information gathered, the restaurant can improve its products and services to better meet customer needs and expectations, which in turn increases customer loyalty and provides security in the face of fierce competition. With Intellipocket’s solutions, a restaurant can quickly and easily create a loyalty program or digitize an existing program.

To create a successful loyalty program using Intellipocket’s program platform, follow these steps:

Design the program: choose the Intellipocket program platform (stamp card, bonus, or visit tracking) and define the rules for rewarding customers.

Choose the appropriate platform: select Intellipocket’s card platform, either a simple branded card for Google and Apple Wallet or your own branded application.

Market the program: Inform customers about the benefits and guide them to join the program through customer meetings, social media channels, and your website.

Train the staff: Provide training to the staff to recommend the benefits to customers and to effectively utilize the loyalty program.

Track progress: Monitor the growth of the customer database and the utilization of benefits. Modify the program according to the needs and preferences of customers.

Reward customers: Generate additional sales by marketing relationship-enhancing benefits to loyal customers.

Maintain the program: Update the benefits periodically to keep the loyalty program engaging and interesting for customers.

Intellipocket’s loyalty platform for restaurants


Loyalty card and app for loyalty program

  • Branded card – Google and Apple Wallet
  • Branded app – Single-standard web app
  • Branded app – Google Play and Apple App Store
  • Online tool for managing the content of the branded application
  • Online form for recruiting loyalty program members
  • Interface for delivering cards and apps from the restaurant’s system.
  • Application platform protected by international patents

Customer loyalty database

  • Customer registry owned by the restaurant
  • Customer data owned by the restaurant
  • Online tool for managing the database
  • Online tool for segmentation of program data
  • Graphical view and Excel reports
  • Interface for transferring customer information to the restaurant system
  • Storage of customer information as an Excel file

Digital marketing for loyalty program customers

  • Loyalty program – for example for a restaurant or café
  • Stamp card – for example for a lunch restaurant or café
  • Visitor tracking – for example for a liquor-licensed restaurant
  • Purchase tracking – for example for a liquor-licensed restaurant
  • Season pass and subscription program
  • Online tool for customer interactions
  • Interface for integrating programs with the cash register system
  • Discount and promotional coupons
  • Online tool for marketing messages
  • Customer surveys in the branded application

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