Intellipocket’s applications enhance the growth of brand loyalty programs and customer engagement.

The loyalty program automation and branded digital membership card

Intellipocket’s comprehensive solution strengthens the utilization of loyalty programs for businesses and communities, enhances customer and member engagement with the brand, grows the customer database, and ensures the accuracy and ownership of customer information by the brand. The solution includes the brand’s own mobile app serving as a loyalty or membership card, acting as an identifier for the program or membership and reinforcing the holder’s trust and commitment to the brand. Simple loyalty programs that encourage repeat purchases are part of the overall solution. Through Intellipocket’s interfaces, companies can integrate the solution into their own systems, enabling the use and utilization of mobile apps and usage data. The solution ensures the brand-owned customer data remains in the company’s possession, without sharing information with competitors.

Brändin kanta-asiakas- tai jäsenkortti Google ja Apple Walletissa

Brand’s loyalty or membership card in Google and Apple Wallet

Brand’s loyalty or membership cards are stored in Google and Apple Wallet apps. The cardholder uses the card to access loyalty programs or to prove membership in the physical world. The brand distributes the card under its own name without external partners, increasing its visibility. Using the card from Wallet alongside payment cards enhances the brand’s visibility. The card is suitable for various purposes, such as loyalty, seasonal, or membership cards, and it includes dynamic fields for customer information as well as space for simple content and links. The card can be linked to a responsive website used by the brand for targeted communication. The electronic card offers an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional plastic cards, while also enhancing loyalty programs and similar systems. Card distribution is based on Intellipocket’s patented technology, for which the brand gains access rights by utilizing Intellipocket’s platform.

Brand mobile app based on HTML standard

Intellipocket’s progressive web app (PWA) is a brand-named mobile app based on a single standard – the HTML standard. This standardized platform seamlessly operates across different phones utilizing the phone’s web browser. PWA is particularly suitable for brands actively producing content such as campaigns, coupons, and surveys. The distribution of apps takes place directly from Intellipocket’s system without intermediaries, ensuring critical data remains under the brand’s control. Therefore, the solution is excellently suited for private distribution, such as employee or membership apps. The app is quick and easy to deploy without a complex project. Content management is straightforward with a tool that operates in a web browser, allowing for immediate publication of items like coupons and customer surveys.

Intellipocket PWA-sovellus
Markkinointisovellus aktiivisesti sisältöä tuottavalle brändille

Brand mobile app on Google Play and Apple App Store

Using Intellipocket’s app platform, the brand’s app can be published on Google Play and Apple App Store. An app distributed from app stores is always publicly available for everyone to download. Registration takes place within the app, and using it requires a password. Intellipocket’s app platform provides the brand with the same tools for content editing and management that operate in a web browser, as with a PWA app. The brand can easily publish campaigns, offers, coupons, and other content using pre-made templates. Building the app on the platform is straightforward using the app management tool. Deployment and updates of the app published on app stores follow Google and Apple processes, and the company needs to obtain a paid developer account for these app stores.

Intellipocket Loyalty is a tool for brand loyalty management and automation

Intellipocket’s Loyalty service is an effective tool for brand management of customer information and automation of loyalty programs. The service allows for the configuration of various loyalty programs, such as sign-up rewards, stamp cards, point accumulation, and referral activation, which automate the rewarding of customers for repeat purchases. Additionally, you can create customer segments and send text messages to activate them. By integrating Intellipocket’s solution into the brand’s own system, the brand can manage customer information and usage data from its own system.

Intellipocket Loyalty on brändin työkalu kanta-asiakkuuden hallintaan ja automatisointiin
Intellipocket Reseller on työkalu brändin jälleenmyyjien hallintaan ja hyvitysten automatisointiin

Intellipocket Reseller is a tool for managing a brand’s resellers and automating incentives

Intellipocket’’s Reseller service facilitates the management of resellers offering loyalty programs and automates the allocation of incentives to resellers. The service is particularly useful when the brand does not have a point-of-sale system. With this service, the program administrator can oversee the activities of resellers and monitor their engagement. Resellers can manage customer benefits and track their own incentives. Additionally, the service automates the reporting of incentives to the brand’s financial management, speeding up cash flow and saving time and effort for all parties involved.

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