Intellipocket’s applications enhance the growth of brand loyalty programs and customer engagement.

Brand apps and loyalty program automation.

With Intellipocket’s applications and services, businesses and organizations can effectively increase active usage of their customer loyalty programs, maximize customer and member engagement with their brand, enhance the growth of their customer database, and ensure the accuracy and ownership of customer information. Each of Intellipocket’s application platforms, Wallet cards, web apps, and native mobile apps, conveniently serve as user identification on mobile devices, making it easier for customers to participate in the program. The apps can also be seamlessly integrated into the systems used by businesses and organizations, further enhancing the efficiency of existing processes. Entities without their own systems can leverage the application together with their existing infrastructure. Intellipocket’s services for customer loyalty management and tracking of distributor incentives for businesses.

Intellipocket Wallet Pass

Google and Apple Wallet cards.

Google Wallet and Apple Wallet cards provide a simple and branded user identification in the user’s mobile wallet. With these cards, the cardholder can authenticate themselves in the physical world. You can utilize the card for various purposes, such as a customer loyalty card, season pass, or membership card, by leveraging the ready-made templates provided by Google and Apple. Wallet cards offer an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional plastic cards, while enhancing the functionality of customer loyalty programs and similar systems.

Web app

Intellipocket’s Web app is a branded application tailored for businesses, based on a standard framework. It seamlessly works across different mobile devices, utilizing the phone’s web browser. The distribution of the apps takes place directly from Intellipocket’s system, without intermediaries, ensuring the brand’s control over critical data. Therefore, the solution is also well-suited for private distribution, such as an employee or member app. The app is quick and easy to deploy without the need for a complex project. Content is easily managed using a web browser-based tool, allowing you to publish coupons and customer surveys without any delay.

Intellipocket Webapp
Intellipocket Native App

Google and Apple native apps

Intellipocket’s native app is a user identifier and brand marketing app available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. The distribution of the app is always public on the respective app stores. The native app is based on the same technology as Intellipocket’s Web app, providing the same opportunities for modifying and managing the app’s content. You can easily manage the content of the app as needed. The deployment and updates of the native app are carried out following the processes set by the device manufacturers, and the company needs to acquire a paid developer account for those respective app stores.

Loyalty automation and customer database

Intellipocket’s Loyalty service provides brands with a tool for customer data management and customer loyalty automation. The service creates a customer loyalty database owned by the brand, utilizing user data from the applications. For customer loyalty automation, the service offers simple loyalty program features such as sign-up rewards, stamp cards, point accumulation, and referral activation. With the service, you can create segments based on program data and send text messages to engage customers.

Intellipocket Loyalty
Intellipocket Reseller

Distributor management and incentive system

Intellipocket’s Reseller service enables the management of information and access rights for resellers offering customer loyalty program benefits, as well as automating the tracking of incentives granted to loyalty program customers. The service allows the program administrator to track the activity of resellers and monitor their operations. Resellers can manage customer benefits through the service and track the accumulation of their own incentives. They can also utilize the program’s mechanism within their own customer loyalty program. The service automates the reporting of incentives to the brand’s financial management, speeding up the cash flow process. With Intellipocket, the maintenance of a customer loyalty program frees up time and reduces effort for all parties involved.