Manage HR functions and reach employees through mobile devices

Intellipocket's HR app and company

With Intellipocket’s HR solution, you can reach dispersed employees from anywhere, at any time. The HR application provides an easy and fast way to manage HR functions and conveniently provide employees with the information they need through their mobile phones. Employees can quickly and easily access staff guidelines, benefits, satisfaction surveys, and training materials through the HR app. The app is securely delivered directly to employees, which means that only employees can access and view its contents. This enhances security and allows employees to use the app with confidence, knowing that their information is protected. Access to the app can be activated and deactivated based on the employment status, even temporarily if needed. With Intellipocket, you can enhance employee satisfaction and engagement, leading to increased efficiency and productivity within the company.

Choose, create, communicate, and maintain – this is how you build a successful HR app on Intellipocket’s platform.

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Choose the platform: select Intellipocket’s card platform, either a simple HR card for Google and Apple Wallet or a customized HR app tailored to your needs.

Create a process: develop a process for delivering and deactivating HR applications based on employment statuses.

Tell about the HR app: Inform employees about the HR app and how to access it. Guide supervisors to utilize the app.

Maintain the HR application: Update the content of the application to keep employees informed and motivated.

Intellipocket’s HR solutions for your company



  • HR card – Google and Apple Wallet
  • HR app – a web app based on a single standard
  • Online tool for managing content within the HR application
  • Interface for delivering cards and applications from the HR registry
  • Application platform protected by international patents

User registry

  • User registry owned by the company
  • User data owned by the company
  • Online tool for user management
  • Graphical view and Excel reports

Mobile HR communication

  • HR content
  • Links to HR services
  • Satisfaction survey template
  • Discount and promotional coupons
  • Work hour record keeping
  • Online tool for SMS messaging

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