Mobile customer loyalty management and digital member solutions.

Increase revenue. Gather your own customer register. Understand your customers. Utilize and analyze customer data.

Transform your way to do business to digital and mobile with Intellipocket tools! Take full advantage of Intellipocket’s digital marketing features: mobile punch card, mobile coupons, targeted marketing communication and viral loyalty customer recruitment. Without customer data, customer understanding and mobile app its challenging to operate in today’s demanding digital environment. The role of customer data is continually becoming more significant. Operating a mobile loyalty program requires strong customer understanding and smooth capability to carry out targeted marketing. For example, traditional punch card made out of paper is a historic relic. You don’t know the persons collecting the stamps. Intellipocket is an excellent way to replace the conventional plastic cards with a mobile solution. The statistics are calling for a change: mobile channel’s popularity is increasing day-by-day.

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Intellipocket – Smart consumer and member marketing in the mobile channel linked to customer data.

Activate customers and members. Increase your customer loyalty.

  • The features of the Intellipocket mobile application activate customers and members. Loyalty increases and revenue grows. Say goodbye for plastic cards.
  • Customer data is the King! With Intellipocket your customer register grows very rapidly. Each and everyone’s data who downloads the mobile application will be stored in the Intellipocket database dedicated for you. Data can be utilized immediately for targeted marketing.
  • Intellipocket application is distributed outside the app stores. Your customers can even recommend and distribute the application for friends by virally delivering apps from one phone to another.
  • Your brand will receive a valuable position at your customers’ phone desktops. No time and resource consuming project – Intellipocket platform is ready!

Make your customers purchase more and more frequently.

  • With Intellipocket mobile tools you generate profit and serve your customers and members better.
  • Digital mobile stamp card. Connect a customer and the stamp data. It’s all digital – you know the real time stamp situation.
  • Digital mobile discount and benefit vouchers. All you need is one simple Intellipocket admin tool.
  • Targeted and segmented marketing communication is an effective profit maker.

Digitalize your marketing and reporting. Save time and money.

  • Save time and money. Make things right and quick!
  • Intellipocket platform is ready – no project.
  • You can start digital marketing in the mobile channel in no time. Your brand also receives mobile visibility.
  • Understand your customers and members: what is popular and what is worth putting resources into
  • Tools making targeted communication possible bring significant business benefits
  • From the dynamic reports you can follow the growth in your customer numbers, sales development and customer behaviour statistics.

Act before your competitors! Now it’s the right time to digitize
your business and start utilizing the mobile channel.

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Intellipocket and the mobile card application
covers the needs of various business verticals

Restaurants and Cafes

Rewarding your loyal customers is extremely important. Competition is harsh. You need digital mobile tools in order to maintain customer loyalty. Mobile application is an important element in building customer interface layer. Mobile stamp card and digital mobile bonus accrual are interesting Intellipocket possibilities.

Retail Sector

Intelipocket is an excellent tool for in store loyalty customer recruitment. All you have to do is to promote your loyalty program benefits and invite consumers to download Intellipocket mobile application. Each and everyone’s data who download the application dedicated to your brand is stored in the Intellipocket database. Intellipocket provides you with various new digital loyalty building tools. Don’t you think that it’s time to say goodbye for plastic cards and printed paper coupons?

Brand Marketing and
Consumer Products

Intellipocket’s way to support and engage brand marketing is unique. A mobile application dedicated for the brand is part of the solution. Your brand is located on consumers’ phone desktop. Intellipocket has a method to grow a brand specific customer data base. The customer data is managed, used and owned by the brand. Yes, this is something new!

Associations, Federations and
Non-profit Organisations

Mobile application is much more than a plastic membership card. Intellipocket allows your organisation to carry out effective digital targeted member communication. Member benefits, news and links to member services in the mobile channel improve member experience. Mobile card is cheaper than traditional plastic card. In addition to the mobile application Intellipocket offers a complete fully digital membership management platform. App distribution is privately yours and linked to membership.

Corporate HR Solutions
and Applications

With Intellipocket HR receives visibility and mobile presence in personnel’s phones. Finally HR gets close to workforce in the mobile channel thanks to closed circuit push distribution of the apps. Intellipocket supports transferring the HR activities into mobile channel: training videos, employee benefits and discounts, ID card, management communication to staff and employee mobile gift coupons.